The Amazing Nutritional Powers of Cactus

The Amazing Nutritional Powers of Cactus

Today we’re not talking about your average superfood or the latest and greatest in the superfoods spotlight. Today we’ll be talking about CACTUS.

Yes, the common cactus Opuntia Ficus-Indica that most won’t even regard as ‘food’.

Learn about this true nutritional powerhouse and the brilliant innovation that made it possible for us to easily enjoy the abundant phytonutrients in cactus, exactly as Mother Nature intended.

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The most perfect food in nature

Cactus Opuntia Ficus-Indica caught the attention of Dr Jau-Fei Chen, a microbiologist and scientist in the field of Nutritional Immunology. She learned that cactus was recognised across different cultures around the world. She also found that cactus research was booming in many areas. She says, “Cactus may be the most perfect food found in nature.”

Cactus thrives in the most arid places on earth, mainly in North and South America, in areas with the most punishing and extreme hot, cold, dry and windy conditions. Scientists theorise that plants which survive normally devastating environmental conditions and possess an amazing level of survivability could possibly enhance the abilities of the human body.

Dr Chen learned that cactus defends itself throughout its exceptionally long life with spines and a stem that performs photosynthesis that conserves life-giving liquid in the area of desert. But she also learned that over its lifetime, cactus acquires an increasing amount of protective phytochemicals so old and seasoned cactus is favoured over young cactus.

Mexican cuisine commonly grills young and tender pads and enjoys cactus fruit in many ways. But Dr Chen’s research found that the highest concentration of nutrients is found in the pad, and when grilled, the heat destroys its phytonutrients.

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The life-changing mission: Creating a truly exceptional cactus beverage

What if her research team can create a convenient cactus beverage so we can access these abundant phytochemicals the way Mother Nature intended?

This became a passion that would take her research team through many unforeseen obstacles for many years to finally create a uniquely valuable product, unlike anything on the market.

She wanted to extract the juice from mature, healthy pads, preserving as many phytochemicals as possible from the exact Opuntia Ficus-Indica species studied in her research.

The painstaking discovery and innovation process

The pads had to be harvested early in the morning to ensure the right acid pH, and then be transported by refrigerated truck.

The pads had to be sterilised, and the the countless spines of all sizes from microscopic to obvious had to be removed.

The thick outer membrane had to be cut away, all by hand, a labour-intensive process. Machine crushing would destroy and contaminate the gel.

Once the previous cactus gel is exposed, it began to spoil within 2 hours. So the team had to discover an extremely fast way to extract the nectar without heating it, because heat would harm the phytochemicals and spoil the taste.

The seeds had to be removed, so elaborate centrifugal processes had to be developed to avoid crushing the seeds and contaminating the juice.

The process also requires multiple extrusion and filtration steps, including ultra-micro-filtration.

The effort paid off: Dr Chen’s flagship cactus beverage

The cactus beverage was first introduced as Millenium in an elegant glass bottle with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate to preserve its freshness.

Later, as new packaging solutions were discovered, her team implemented an innovated cheer packaging from Japan, where the air was removed during the sealing process, making Millenium preservative-free.

Dr Chen’s company, E. Excel, spent millions of dollars on the more advanced, innovative packaging solution and in 2015 introduced the 5-layer EP Pack carton design from Japan, keeping Millenium not only preservative-free, but more convenient and travel-friendly.

Award and recognition

Dr Chen received a First Place Award from 1996 Conference of World Traditional Medicine for her amazing formulation of Millenium.

Her company E. Excel holds a US Patent for its complex and costly manufacturing processes.

Because of its value, Dr Chen insists that Millenium, her flagship product, is “the most affordable product we offer.”

Enjoy the power of nature’s most perfect food

Year of research, innovative and meticulous manufacturing process development, and a continuous commitment to the highest quality standards have allowed us to enjoy all the goodness that cactus has to offer. Experience for yourself this precious juice that has taken such effort and expense, and benefited so many thousands of regular users all over the world.

Dr Chen’s cactus beverage formulation is now widely and easily available to ALL OF US.

The main ingredients in RHAPSODY are Dr Chen’s amazing cactus beverage formulation, enhanced with American ginseng.

More info on RHAPSODY here.

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