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Getting started

Before promoting your dispensary on social media, email, or in your clinic, learn and incorporate the basics of Fullscript’s ready-made marketing tools.


Introducing your patients to Fullscript in 90 seconds

This video explains how your patients can benefit from Fullscript and how they can use powerful features that make it easy to adhere to their supplement plan.

Using social media

Use these professional graphics and messaging to create posts on your social media channels and encourage patients to order and re-order from your dispensary.

Promoting key features

Once you’ve nailed down the basics, use these promotional resources to let your patients know about the additional features and benefits of using Fullscript.

Mobile app

Over 60% of patients access Fullscript on a mobile device. Let them know about the iOS app that makes Fullscript even more convenient.

Supplement sales

Participating in patient promotions is a great way to engage patients with added savings and generate revenue for your practice.

Autoship & Save

By offering a discount through Fullscript’s Autoship & Save, your patients are nearly 80% more likely to keep refilling through your dispensary.

In-office marketing tools

Promote your Fullscript dispensary to patients you see in person with these resources. 

Printable resources

Visit the Fullscript Proshop and find branded posters, handouts, and stationery for your practice.

Need help using the marketing toolkit?

Book a demo with one of our account managers today.