CHAMOMENT contains green tea, jasmine, and ashitaba to support your body’s own cleansing channels and detoxification abilities so that they can effectively process and remove toxins.

Box of 30 individually wrapped servings (12 grams each serving).


CHAMOMENT contains green tea, jasmine, and ashitaba as its main ingredients. These are foods that help your body’s own cleansing channels and detoxification abilities so that they can effectively process and remove toxins.

Every day, your body is exposed to air pollutants and chemicals in the environment. The increasing level of exposure to toxic chemicals takes a toll on your immune system, with studies reporting more and more people suffering from immune system disorders due to poor diet and bad air.

In addition to environmental pollution, many people these days are also susceptible to poor diets and a diet of processed foods, meat, and junk foods.

Pollution and poor diet affect your liver, kidneys, colon, and the role they play in maintaining a healthy immune system for you.

Your kidneys and liver work around the clock to get rid of toxins. When your these organs are bombarded with more toxins than they can handle, the toxins accumulate continuously, weakening your health tremendously.

By consuming foods containing cleansing properties, you cleanse the entire body instead of specific areas. A good cleansing diet should be convenient and safe without side effects. It should not stress your body. It should not be temporary or short-term. Instead, it should be a continuous lifestyle that perpetuates your body’s ability to self heal through beneficial flora balance in your digestive tract, discharging wastes and toxins, and replacing them with highly nutritious plant-based foods.

No matter where you live and no matter how pristine you think your surroundings are, there are pollutants in the air, water and soil. You will come in contact with pollutants every day. Eating the right foods help your body cleanse its cells of pollutants and keep them from overpowering your immune system.

  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Lactose free
  • Preservative free
  • Produced in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility
  • Formulated with the science of Nutritional Immunology

Main ingredients in CHAMOMENT

1. Green tea

Research by the University of Kansas in the US suggested that polyphenols in green tea leaf have antioxidant effectiveness at least 100 times greater than that of vitamin C and around 25 times greater than that of vitamin E.

Research by Newcastle University in the UK showed that green tea polyphenols help protect brain cells.

2. Jasmine

According to a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the fragrance of jasmine helps in soothing the senses, alleviating anxiety, and promoting sleep.

How the jasmine and green tea leaves in CHAMOMENT are infused: a painstakingly meticulous process

  • At dawn, fresh jasmine flower buds are harvested and temporarily refrigerated to prevent the flowers from blossoming.
  • At dusk, just before the flowers bloom, jasmine flowers and tea leaves are evenly placed, with one layer of jasmine over one layer of green tea leaves.
  • At night, when the flowers bloom naturally, their fragrance enters the tea leaves.
  • The next morning, when the green tea leaves have sufficiently absorbed the jasmine fragrance, the first scenting is complete.
  • The used jasmine flowers are discarded and fresh ones are harvested again to repeat the scenting process.

3. Ashitaba – the amazing longevity herb

Ashitaba is native to Japan’s Hachijo Island. During the Edo period, convicts were exiled to Hachijo Island. Despite hard labor and poor diets, the convicts lived long lives. Scholars attribute their unlikely longevity to the continual consumption of Ashitaba, for which they foraged.

Scientists have discovered many active components in Ashitaba:

  • Flavonoids: Luteolin-7-glucoside and isoquercitrin are among the different flavonoids present in Ashitaba. Flavonoids have been linked to a reduced risk of tumors, heart disease, asthma and stroke.
  • Coumarins: These are potent antioxidants with anti-tumor properties. An example of a coumarin in Ashitaba is laserpitin.
  • Chlorophyll: It stimulates the production of red blood cells. It is also excellent for cleansing the blood and liver, and promotes the growth of “friendly” intestinal bacteria.
  • Chalcones: Ashitaba sap is very precious as a cross section of the stem yields only a few milligrams of sap, which is mostly chalcones. Chalcones have been linked to many of Ashitaba’s health promoting benefits, for example, chalcones have been found to stimulate production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which is believed to have the potential to fight neuropathy.

Ashitaba has antioxidant effects to fight free radical damage. It also has infection-fighting effects and helps to inhibit tumour growth and spread. Ashitaba inhibits histamine release, thereby helping against allergic reaction. It helps to maintain healthy blood glucose level and high blood cholesterol levels.

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