E-MUNITY contains cordyceps mycelium, shiitake mushroom, ABM mushroom, and maitake mushroom. E-MUNITY also contains cassia seeds and blueberries. Box of 30 individually wrapped servings (4 grams each serving).


Polysaccharides are long chains of molecules that are commonly found in certain mushroom species. Research indicates that polysaccharides can activate immune cells and help balance the immune system by promoting the amount of natural killer cells, interferons, and interleukins in the body.

Each mushroom contains a unique combination of polysaccharides. Each type of polysaccharide provides the body with distinct benefits, helping the body in different ways. Consuming many types of mushrooms is beneficial because the different polysaccharides work in synergy to provide the body with optimal nourishment.

Emunity on Nourish Natural Wellness

  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Lactose free
  • Preservative free
  • Produced in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility
  • Formulated with the science of Nutritional Immunology

Main ingredients in E-MUNITY

1. Cordyceps Mycellium

Cordyceps mycelium is a growing stage in the life cycle of the wild cordyceps sinensis . Fungi is obtained from cordyceps sinensis, then cultivated under specific conditions to produce cordyceps mycelium. Of over 400 species of cordyceps, only cordyceps mycelium cultivated from 10 or so selected species have nutritional value that is similar to that of cordyceps sinensis.

Because wild cordyceps are incredibly scarce, the market is flooded with fake cordyceps and cordyceps that have lead added to it to increase product weight and boost profit. This causes the quality of cordyceps to vary widely and creates a risk of heavy metal contamination. It is important to choose cordyceps mycelium that has been carefully cultivated under controlled conditions.

Cordyceps sinensis can activate a sluggish immune system and calm it when it is overstimulated, hence improving both immune and autoimmune disorders.

Cordyceps can also inhibit the division of rogue cells, increase the ability of T-cells and macrophages to destroy invaders and elevate immunocytes activity.

Cordyceps sinensis can raise the amount of good (HDL) cholesterol, reduce the amount of bad (LDL) cholesterol and blood viscosity, and support a healthy cardiovascular system. Research shows that cordyceps polysaccharides are also beneficial for liver fibrosis, boosting lung function, respiratory health, and improving kidney function.

The polysaccharides, flavonoids and polyphenols in cordyceps can increase the amount of two powerful antioxidant enzymes – superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase — to help inhibit free radical damage in the liver.

Cordyceps improves the function of adrenal cortex to help alleviate chronic fatigue. Research also shows that cordyceps sinensis can help increase oxygen intake and improve oxygen utilisation to boost vitality.

Because wild cordyceps are incredibly scarce, beware of fake cordyceps and cordyceps that have lead added to boost product weight.

2. ABM Mushroom

ABM mushroom has the highest levels of blood-building iron available in plant foods with 9.65mg per 100g. It is also high in phosphorus, potassium and zinc as well as antioxidants.

ABM has higher concentration of long-chain polysaccharides for effective immune modulators than other mushrooms, making them very effective in stimulating a weak immune system and regulating immune overreactions.

3. Shiitake Mushroom

A study concluded that consumption of shiitake mushroom for a period of time “improved immunity, as seen by improved cell proliferation and activation and increased sIgA production.

Lentinan and LEM, the polysaccharides found in shiitake mushroom can help strengthen the immune system. The changes observed in cytokine and serum CRP levels suggest that these improvements occurred under conditions that were less inflammatory than those that existed before consumption”.

Shiitake mushrooms also have antimicrobial properties, making it an effective natural antibiotic. A study showed that unlike prescription antibiotics, shiitake only killed disease-causing microbes, leaving beneficial bacteria unharmed.

4. Maitake mushroom

Maitake mushrooms are highly desired for their immune-regulating effects due to polysaccharide beta-glucans that support macrophage and natural killer cell activity.

Research from New York Medical College in the US shows that the polysaccharide D-fraction in maitake mushroom effectively regulates the immune system.

A study showed that polysaccharide extract from Maitake showed immuno-modulatory effects in preclinical studies and therefore the potential for clinical use.

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