The main ingredients of RHAPSODY are cactus and American ginseng. These foods are extremely high in plant-based nutrients that can benefit overall health in various ways. RHAPSODY contains no preservatives and needs to be refrigerated after opening.

Box contains 5 x 200ml bottles.


The main ingredients of RHAPSODY are cactus and American ginseng. These foods are extremely high in plant-based nutrients that can benefit overall health in various ways.

The prickly cactus is a treasure chest of thousands and thousands of phytochemicals and a wide variety of nutrients. Great effort has been taken to study cactus. Countless hours of tests have resulted in pure cactus liquid that doesn’t contain any impurities.

Preparing cactus for consumption is difficult. Compared to other plant foods, there are many challenges in processing cactus.

  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Tested for heavy metals and pesticides
  • Lactose free
  • Preservative free
  • Produced in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility
  • Formulated with the science of Nutritional Immunology

Main ingredients in RHAPSODY

1. Cactus

To survive in an arid and hot environment, cactus stores nutrients in its thick waxy pads. But getting these precious nutrients is not easy.

The cactus pads are hand picked, cold pressed and triple filtered in a patented extraction process to produce a delicious nectar that is full of beneficial cactus compounds, phytochemicals, and antioxidants.

Phytochemicals in cactus can increase immune efficiency by increasing natural killer cell activity to stop the mechanisms which lead to tumor development.

Flavonoids, a group of phytochemicals with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, as well as polysaccharides — cactus mucilage and pectic polysaccharides — are abundant in cactus to help inhibit cancer-causing hormones from attaching to normal cells and inhibit enzymes responsible for cell metastasis.

Cactus has high levels of amino acids, especially proline and taurine. Proline aids in collagen formation and tissue repair. Taurine has not been discovered in other plants, and it helps to combat heart disease, lower high blood pressure and decrease anxiety.

An anti-inflammatory phytochemical beta-sitosterol in cactus supports tissue regenerations, stimulates fibroblasts (cells that aid in wound healing), aids collagen formation and growth of new blood vessels. Mucilaginous polysaccharides in cactus contribute to wound healing and immune system regulation by modulating the macrophage function.

2. American ginseng

Ginsenosides, a class of nutrients in ginseng, can be found in many parts of the ginseng plant including the root, leaf and berry.

Scientists have isolated at least 30 ginsenosides and have found that many of them seem to work in opposition to each other. These opposing actions may contribute to ginseng ability to balance bodily functions, making it a kind of plant food stimulants without any known side effects.

Ginseng root, one of the most studied herbs in the world, also contains polysaccharides, peptides and fatty acids, with demonstrated effects on the central nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems. It has been shown to increase natural killer cell activity, liver cell regeneration, promote oxygen absorption and usage.

It is particularly helpful for those with chronic diseases because it counteracts stress so well while having significant antioxidant activity.

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