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Virtual dispensing.
Reach more patients.

Patients order practitioner-grade supplements to their doors while you track adherence and grow your practice.
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Treatment plan tools.
Powerful and personal.

Build treatment plans that include instructions, patient handouts, and personalized supplement protocols.

Complete wellness plans. Delivered seamlessly.

"The Fullscript treatment plan tool is a powerful way for me to give my patients the right instruction with the right supplements. It’s convenient for me and for them while making my life easier and wellness more accessible."

Dr. Sachin Patel Fullscript user since 2017


Offer your patients healthcare's best supplements

Finally, software for treatment adherence

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Refill reminders

Patients can get timely, digital reminders based on a product's units and your recommended dosage.

Insights reporting

Monitor and measure treatment adherence to better support your patients and intervene as needed.


Cost is one of the biggest barriers to treatment adherence. Our software platform is free to use for your patients too.

A medical team working for you

Protocols and patient handouts

Practitioners on our Integrative Medical Advisory Team feed you with a steady stream of medically-reviewed and professionally-designed research, handouts, and protocols.

  • Neurological health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Gut health
  • Children's health
  • +more
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"The practitioners on our team are truly invaluable. The care and expertise they put into our protocols, libraries, and resources is inspiring."

- Dr. Alex Keller, ND

Built for the business side too

Choose if you profit on patient orders and whether to offer discounts.

If your practice grows, add new practitioners or staff to your account.

Receive ongoing financial reporting and patient ordering records.

Get world-class customer support with small wait times for you and your patients.


Fullscript software is free to use — for everyone.

Plus, Fullscript in your EHR

Fullscript integrates with leading EHRs so you can recommend supplements in your existing workflow.