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Refill reminders and more tools for healthy habits

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Your platform will always include:

World-class customer support
No hidden fees
Unlimited practitioners and staff dispensary
Customizable storefront
Access to 350+ practitioner-grade brands
Wholesale ordering for in-office dispensing

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10% discount will be applied to your patient’s orders
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Patient Care

24/7 access
Automated refill reminders
Autoship options
Text and email prescriptions
Emailed wellness content
Convenient payment options
Free standard shipping for orders over $50
HIPAA compliant and data secure
Patient promotions up to 25%
Patient promotions up to 35%

No-margin account


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Practitioner tools

EHR integrations
Virtual dispensing
Quick search filters: Ingredients, allergens, certifications, dosage, supplement type
Customizable dosage settings on all products
Shareable protocols for one-to-many care
Rich treatment plans (PDF guides, emojis and more)
Evidence-based protocols
Favorites lists
Smart product swapping
External storefront
Website buttons for your dispensary
Marketing support
Automated sales tax remittance
Income tax reporting
Monthly direct deposit of earnings
Adjustable frequency for earnings deposits
In-app sales reports

No-margin account


Margin account


Customer support

Practitioner account set up and changes
Dispensary management
Patient support for all level of competencies
Supplement order placement support
Shipment tracking
Phone, email, and live chat support
Self-serve support center
Embeddable product card set up
Generating reports
My practice is virtual and I reach folks in all 50 states. As an integrative functional MD, Fullscript has been a game changer for my practice and patients.
Dr. Tina Discepola, MD
"I’m a nurse practitioner who’s been using Fullscript for three years and so happy with the platform... Patients love the easy ordering. It’s been a great source of revenue."
Mary-Beth Charno, NP
By (Fullscript) simplifying and improving how clinicians build personalized prescriptions and dispense supplements, we can focus on what we do best.
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND
Dr. Tina Discepola, MD
Mary-Beth Charno, NP
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND

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Frequently asked questions

Does Fullscript carry CBD products?

We’d love to be able to carry CBD products, as we know they’re in demand by both our practitioners and patients. However, we currently can’t offer them due to restrictions and regulations outside of our control. But, practitioners in the U.S. can purchase some CBD products through Emerson Ecologics, a Fullscript Company.

I order wholesale for my office. Can I get that through Fullscript as well?

Yes! US practitioners can place wholesale orders for many of the same high-quality supplement and wellness brands available through virtual dispensing. All wholesale products in our catalog are sold at direct-from-manufacturer prices. With the Fullscript platform, you have the flexibility to dispense the way that’s best for your practice — whether that’s through stocking your office with wholesale, shipping directly to patients with virtual dispensing, or a mix of both!

How long do patients wait for delivery?

It varies based on location, but these are the shipping options for patients:

  • Standard Shipping (4-7 business days)
  • Priority Shipping (1-3 business days)
  • Overnight (next business day)

In the United States, we use UPS. In Canada, we use Canada Post. All of our warehouses are currently shipping on-time, and any delivery delays are due to the carrier. We also offer free, standard shipping for orders over $50 $150.

How should I order for myself?

The easiest way is to add yourself as a patient while in the practitioner profile. You should give yourself the full discount available if you’re for-margin. Once your products are attached in the recommendation, instead of selecting to send the recommendation, you’ll select “send and place order” from the dropdown menu of additional options. This will bring you to the checkout process.

How do I use Fullscript?

Fullscript is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for both practitioners and patients. Follow the links below to learn more or book a demo (practitioners only) for a personalized walkthrough.

Practitioner software

Patients on Fullscript

Do practitioners make money with Fullscript?

Some do, and some don’t. We understand that many factors determine whether or not earning a profit feels appropriate to practitioners. For this, they control how much margin they make on supplement orders (if any). They can also control individual patient discounts when socioeconomic factors are at play.

Regardless of whether a practitioner profits, we guarantee that patients will always pay MSRP or less for their wellness products.

Is Fullscript HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Fullscript is 100% HIPAA compliant. You can review our privacy terms and policies here.

How do I become a Fullscript provider?

Simply click here and complete the onboarding process. Once you create your account, sign in and follow the remaining steps to start using Fullscript.

We encourage curious practitioners and new users to book a demo to see what our platform can do for your practice.

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