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Watch Fullscript come to life in the Practice Better platform

Key features

Client information management
Telehealth and messaging
Programs and courses
Billing and payment
Patient portal
Mobile app
Scheduling and booking

How to integrate your Fullscript and Practice Better platforms:

First, make sure you have both a Practice Better and Fullscript account.

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Create a Fullscript account

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Create a Practice Better account

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Integration guide

integrations partner screenshot of Practice Better platform 3rd party integrations settings

1. Log into your Practice Better account

Click on the gear icon > 3rd Party Integration and navigate to Supplement Dispensaries section. Find the Fullscript section and click Link.

Choose either United States or Canada and click Next. This will load the oAuth section, add your Fullscript email and password and click “Authorize Application”

integrations partner screenshot of “Select Practitioner” drop-down menu in Practice Better Platform

2. Use the “Select Practitioner” drop-down menu to choose your practitioner account

Make sure your settings are checked off before clicking Connect at the top right-hand side.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Pricing can be found here.

Does Practice Better support multidisciplinary clinics?

Yes, it does. The Practice Better account owner can add other providers to their account. Each provider can integrate their own Fullscript account or be added to the account owner’s Fullscript account. More details on setting up and using the Fullscript integration in teams can be found here.

Can I still write my recommendations on Fullscript?

Yes! However, recommendations written on Fullscript do not transfer over to Practice Better. Only protocols written on Practice Better are transmitted to Fullscript.

What types of practitioners use Practice Better?

A wide variety of integrative practitioners choose Practice Better for their EHR. Main users include Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Dietitians, Naturopathic Doctors and Functional Medicine Practitioners.

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